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M E D I C I N E S    D I S C O V E R Y    A W A R D    P R O G R A M

Competitive incubator and accelerator program designed to identify and advance a promising early stage drug discovery into an early “proof of concept.”  Successful projects will exit the program as either a licensing transaction to a strategic pharmaceutical partner or as an EDI-created startup company.

The Medicines Discovery Award Program model seeks to build close collaboration and interaction between EDI management, the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), third party specialty providers (CROs), Key Opinion Leaders, outside investors, strategic pharmaceutical partners, and the academic investigator(s).  Following successful entry into the program, EDI will form a project team comprised of EDI program management, selected SAB members and the principal investigator(s). This project team will be responsible for developing the program-specific workplan, budget, timelines, and milestone objectives. EDI coordinates and manages the workplan through its network of contract research organizations (CROs), specialty service providers, pharmaceutical industry experts and consultants.  Specific aspects of the project may be conducted in the investigator’s laboratory and would receive financial investments linked to specific workplan-driven milestones. Progress against milestones and advancement to the next level of support will be evaluated on an annual basis by EDI’s Portfolio Review Committee.  


Projects accepted into the program will potentially be eligible to receive the following resources based on the successful completion of the milestones and annual SAB review:

  •        Between $100,000 and $7.5 million in total program support over five years, including payments to CROs --             ongoing funding is contingent on annual review of progress

  •       Collaboration with EDI’s Scientific Advisory Board, strategic partners and consultant network

  •       Drug discovery and development expertise

  •       Project management and planning

  •       Business and commercialization leadership

  •       Participation in startup formation when appropriate to attract private investment

  •       Clinical development advice

  •       Regulatory strategy and investigational new drug (IND) application preparation

  •       Intellectual property review and filing support

  •       External program financing through venture capital and/or strategic pharma agreements

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