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Patricia C. Weber, PhD

Molecular Modeling

& Structure-Based Drug Design Advisor

Patricia is a biotechnology and drug discovery scientist with experience in start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Trained in X-ray crystallography, she helped develop structure-based drug design by incorporating molecular modeling, NMR and protein biophysical data. Weber’s work at Genex Corporation, DuPont Central Research and Development, and DuPont Merck Pharmaceuticals, and as leader of Structural Chemistry Department at Schering Plough Research Institute resulted in thermostable enzymes, recombinant silk, HCV protease inhibitors (Boceprevir and Narlaprevir), and farnesyl transferase inhibitor SARASAR.  She has co-authored 105 publications and is inventor on 21 issued patents covering engineered proteins, crystal forms, streptavidin dyes, and novel small molecule compositions of matter. Her more recent work includes assisting entrepreneurial academics in the NSF iCORPS program and as Scientific Advisor at the Harrington Drug Discovery Institute. She is 


a member of the University of Arizona Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Strategic Advisory Board. Weber earned her B.Sc. and PhD in Chemistry from the Universities of Montana and Arizona, respectively.  She conducted postdoctoral research at Yale University with TA Steitz, 2009 Chemistry Nobel Laureate.

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