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Michael Foley, PhD

CEO, Deerfield Discovery and Development
VP, Translational Drug Development at Deerfield

Michael Foley, PhD is Chief Executive Officer for Deerfield Discovery and Development LLC, and Vice President of Translational Drug Development at Deerfield. Dr. Foley joined Deerfield in 2018 to focus on academic collaborations. Most recently, he was the CEO and Sanders Director at Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute (Tri-I TDI) where he led the efforts to discover drug candidates in an academic setting. Prior to Tri-I TDI, he was Director of the Chemical Biology Platform at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.


Dr. Foley is the founder and a director of Forma Therapeutics. In 2001, he founded Infinity Pharmaceuticals and in 2000, he founded CombinatoRx. In 1999, he was a founding member of 

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the Harvard Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology and served as the head of Chemical Technology. He was a GlaxoSmithKline Fellow at Harvard University and previously a Research Chemist at GlaxoSmithKline. Dr. Foley began his career at Bristol-Myers Squibb as a Research Chemist. He received his B.S. from St. Norbert College, his M.S. from Utah State University and his Ph.D. from Harvard University. 

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