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Lena Gray, P.T. &

Baby Development Expert

May 30, 2024

I am happy to share that the LeapRx initiative is growing with the addition of McMaster University and The Research Institute of St. Joe's Hamilton as participating institutions. Late last year, we had an in-person kick off meeting for two projects. The first project, led by Dr. Joan Krepinsky, will focus on diabetic kidney disease and the second project, led by professor Greg Steinberg, will focus on obesity. I look forward to working with the teams and moving these important research projects forward.

The journey from academic idea to therapeutic has many inherent challenges that can keep potential breakthrough discoveries from moving forward. Novo Nordisk and Empire Discovery Institute (EDI) created the LeapRx initiative in 2022 to help address this through funding, expert pharma guidance, and complementary expertise – with EDI bringing scientific, technical, and business development expertise and Novo Nordisk bringing deep disease understanding and preclinical and clinical R&D expertise in cardiometabolic diseases. More info about LeapRx can be found here:

LeapRx Initiative Expands with McMaster University and

St. Joe's Hamilton Collaboration

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