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P R O G R A M   E N T R Y   C R I T E R I A 

Qualifying programs should (at a minimum) have data to support the selection and validation of the proposed target.  EDI will support the advancement of selected programs from the “Target to Hit” stage to “IND-ready” programs for entry into human clinical trials. This is a step-wise program that is anticipated to take approximately 5 years to advance a molecule from Stage 2 (Target to Hit) to Stage 5 (Pre-Clinical Development) with the completion of IND-enabling regulatory studies to facilitate clinical testing. 

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I N S T I T U T I O N A L    L I A I S O N    T E A M 

Comprised of one senior level appointment from each of EDI’s member institutions who serve as advisors to the Leadership Team and ensure an unbroken communication link between EDI and its partners.


Research & Support

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Christina Orsi

Associate Vice President for Economic Development, University at Buffalo

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Doug Plessinger

Chief Clinical & Scientific Development Officer (GBCT), Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Robinson Peter 300print.JPG

Peter Robinson

Vice President, Government and Community Relations, University of Rochester

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