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Selection Criteria


EDI is interested in programs that provide novel insights into the pathways and molecular determinants of human disease. We prefer programs that have a clear mechanism of action or possess a well-defined genetic basis for the underlying condition; projects with a strong biomarker component are highly desirable. EDI is open to applications across a wide range of therapeutic areas where a strong scientific, medical and commercial rationale can be made. Programs in the fields of cancer, neurological diseases/CNS conditions, and platform technologies with therapeutic potential across multiple diseases are of particular interest. Investigators working in rare and orphan diseases are also encouraged to apply.


At a minimum, qualifying programs should have data to support the selection and validation of the proposed target. EDI will support the advancement of selected programs from the “Target to Hit” stage to “IND-ready” programs for entry into human clinical trials. This is a step-wise program that is anticipated to take approximately 5 years to advance a molecule from Stage 2 (Target to Hit) to Stage 5 (Pre-Clinical Development) with the completion of IND-enabling regulatory studies to facilitate clinical testing.​

Ideally, the program should have the potential for the creation of new and novel “composition of matter” patents. We are agnostic to the therapeutic modality and we are open to programs that are based on the development of small molecules, biologics (peptides, proteins, and antibodies), oligonucleotide (RNA, DNA based therapies), vaccines, gene and cell based therapies. We do not currently support the development of diagnostic products or medical devices.


Applications must be submitted by the posted deadline on the application form.  The Scientific Advisory Board will evaluate the applications to determine which investigator will be invited to give an oral presentation. The selected investigators will give a 30 minute presentation to the Advisory Board followed by a 30 minute Q&A session.  Final decisions on which investigators receive invitations into the Medicines Discovery Award Program will follow.  

EDI and the Scientific Advisory Board will work closely with the awardee and their affiliated institution to maximize the clinical and commercial potential of the selected program.


Investigators must have a full-time faculty position at the University of Rochester, University at Buffalo or Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in order to apply to the MDAP.

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